In cooperation with its stakeholder groups, Metsähallitus will prepare an innovative strategic-level plan for state-owned land and water areas in Lapland for the period 2019-2024. The plan will steer the use of the areas and help to find their potential.


The Act on Metsähallitus, the ownership policy, the objectives set out by the owner and the Metsähallitus strategy will provide the framework for the plan, and the planning process will also involve the stakeholder groups. Our Lappish cooperation group will have 31 members representing associations, educational and research organizations, companies and official bodies. The group will be chaired by Taneli Kolström, Director at Luke – Natural Resources Institute Finland.

The natural resource planning project will be coordinated by a Metsähallitus steering group chaired by Kirsi-Marja Korhonen, Regional Director, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd.

A project group chaired by Maria Sundman, Project Manager at Metsähallitus, will be responsible for the progress of the planning process.


The working groups will meet three times. Workshop facilitation will be carried out by Tomi Tuomasjukka, counsellor for executives and managers and a certified executive coach, Työ Luotsi Ltd.

The purpose of the workshops is to find new innovative opportunities for state-owned land and water areas in Lapland and to reconcile the different aims concerning the areas. This will ensure that the natural resource planning will bring substantial overall benefits for Finland as a whole.

Individual citizens and stakeholder groups will also have an opportunity to give feedback on the areas covered by the planning and to put forward development ideas. Information about the opening of the feedback function will be provided on Metsähallitus website and in its social medical channels.


The planning project will result in a natural resource plan. The plan gives the guidelines for Metsähallitus operations in the state-owned land and water areas in Lapland during the planning period 2019-2024. It will also detail the impacts of Metsähallitus activities in the state-owned land and water areas in Lapland and define the way in which they will be developed.

Last updated 2 July 2018