Wilderness Supervision

The wilderness supervision carried out by the game and fisheries wardens of Metsähallitus ensures that Finland's natural resources are used sustainably and in compliance with the legislation.

Permits for state-owned areas

Game and fisheries wardens’ work entails the supervision of fishing, hunting, and off-road traffic. They make sure that snowmobile riders, fishers and hunters have the correct permits and that only permitted species are caught during their designated hunting and fishing seasons. Advising people about good practices is also an important part of the wardens’ work.

Metsähallitus’ game and fisheries wardens conduct their work in state-owned areas, which comprise roughly one third of Finland’s surface area. The wardens can be identified by their uniforms and usually also by the logos on their vehicles, such as snowmobiles or boats.

Game and fisheries wardens are law enforcement officers whose rights are very similar to those of police officers. Supervision of fishing, hunting and off-road traffic is carried out in co-operation with other authorities and partners, such as the police and the Finnish Border Guard.

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