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Our largest wind farm under development is the Korsnäs offshore wind farm. Its rated power would be at least 1,300 megawatts. We work in Korsnäs together with Vattenfall. In the land areas, we currently have five own wind farms in active project development, as well as one joint project with Neova Group, two joint projects with ABO Wind and three joint projects with Pohjan Voima.

Our project development meets the demanding international standards – 650 MW of developed and divested projects of which more than 450 MW already in operation or under construction.

Wind power project development has been part of Metsähallitus’ responsible business since the beginning of the 2010s. Our first wind farm development was a 22-turbine Myllykangas project in Ii municipality. The land use plan was accepted in 2012, and the wind farm was constructed by Taaleri Oyj. Since Myllykangas, we have successfully fully developed and divested or co-developed several wind farm projects.

158 wind power turbins have been installed on Metsähallitus’ lands (09/2023). This chapter also includes power plants installed on land by Metsähallitus by other project developers. The number of power plants in Metsähallitus’ project development projects is not the same as the power plants installed / to be installed on Metsähallitus’ land from Metsähallitus’ project development, because Metsähallitus has also developed wind power plants on the land of other landowners.

Metsähallitus' own and joint projects on the map

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Projects under development

Name and location of the wind farmPreliminary number of power plants
Syväjärvenneva, Kivijärvi (in Finnish)15-30
Korpisenkangas, Joroinen and Leppävirta (in Finnish)10-24
Vääräjoki, Sievi (in Finnish)25-50
Korsnäs offshore wind farm, Korsnäs (joint venture with Vattenfall)70-100
Harsunlehto, Kajaani (in Finnish)8
Lyypäkki, Simo (in Finnish)40
Kivikangas, Kajaani (in collaboration with ABO Wind) (in Finnish)66
Konnunsuo, Pyhäntä (in collaboration with Neova) (in Finnish)25-38
Koirakangas ja HIrvivaara-Murtiovaara, Puolanka (in Finnish)45-55
Sivakkalehto, Kajaani (in collaboration with ABO Wind) (in Finnish)54
Moskuankangas, Pyhäjärvi (in collaboration with Pohjan Voima) (in Finnish)26
Lehmikorpi, Keuruu (in collaboration with Pohjan Voima) (in Finnish)15
Tukkimäki, Karstula (in collaboration with Pohjan Voima) (in Finnish)8-13

Fully permitted projects

Name and location of the wind farmNumber of power plantsTotal powerOperator
Korkeakangas (Vihisuo), Karstula (in Finnish)9about 45 MWOX2
Piiparinmäki, Pyhäntä and Kajaani (in Finnish)41211 MWIlmatar Piiparinmäki Oy
Rustari, Kurikka (in Finnish)844 MWOX2
Tolpanvaara, Pudasjärvi (in Finnish)1376,5 MWEnefit Green
Annankangas, Brahestad (in Finnish)5+534,5 MWSuomen Hyötytuuli Oy
Joukhaisselkä, Sodankylä (in Finnish)927 MWAllianz Capital Partners
Kivivaara-Peuravaara, Hyrynsalmi and Suomussalmi (in Finnish)3090 MWTaaleri Oyj & Loiste Energia Oy
Kuolavaara-Keulakkopää, Kittilä and Sodankylä (in collaboration with Fortum Power and Heat Oy) (in Finnish)1751 MWAllianz Capital Partners
Myllykangas, Ii (in Finnish)2254 MW
Taaleri Oyj