Shared-value partnerships

Metsähallitus’ sponsorship and shared values partnerships are based on the organisation’s values, corporate social responsibility programme and strategy.

Our sponsorship and shared values partnerships focus on three themes, which are: 

  • The largest exercise facility in Finland  
  • A cross-generational approach, children and young people  
  • Innovations and the future.  

A great number of different events are held in land and water areas controlled by Metsähallitus for which permission from Metsähallitus is required. Providing visibility for the Metsähallitus brand is part of the permission’s terms and conditions.   

The sponsorship and collaboration aim for long-standing shared values partnerships which bring positive and consistent visibility for Metsähallitus. 

For more information about sponsorship and shared value partnerships:

Liina Aulin

Director of Communications

Group Activities
Opastinsilta 12
00520 Helsinki

Puh. +358407709400

Executive Assistant: Annina Ranta-aho, tel. +358403540515