Metsähallitus respects human rights and ensures fair and equal operations and treatment for its employees, customers, partners and stakeholders. The UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) are one of the central elements in our the responsibility policy.

We promote equality and eliminate discrimination

Metsähallitus Diversity, equality and non-discrimination plan promotes equality and eliminates discrimination in employer activities and services that are aimed at customers, partners, citizens and stakeholders. The plan also outlines measures to safeguard equality for the Sámi people.

We cherise diversity in the workplace community, offer services to everyone on a nondiscriminatory basis and operate in a uniform and efficient manner.

Diversity, equality and non-discrimination plan

Diversity, equality and non-discrimination plan of Metsähallitus 2023–2026

The plan helps to ensure the implementation, within the operations of Metsähallitus, of responsibility policies outlined in international responsibility instructions and guidelines, such as the UN’s Agenda 2030, as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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Ensuring the wellbeing of the personnel

The competence and wellbeing of the more than 1,100 professionals who work at Metsähallitus are key factors in our success.

Ensuring a viable Sámi culture

We work to ensure that the care, use and protection of the natural resources under our management are in accordance with the prerequisites for the Sámi culture in the Sámi Homeland.