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The Vind Cafe

Next Vind Cafe will be held on Tuesday, October 25, at 17:30 at the Korsnäs Youth and Village Association, Vikingvägen 9, 66200 Korsnäs.

The subject is underwater nature, fishing and the energy market situation.

The municipality’s representative will participate in the event. We will have conversation both in Finnish and Svedish and coffee will be served at the event.


8.9.2022 Mobile library tour in Korsnäs focused on offshore wind power

We participated in the mobile library tour organized in Korsnäs in the summer, telling about the wind farm planned for the sea area.

1.7.2022 Bird surveys in the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm area will continue throughout the summer and autumn

The bird surveys, commissioned by Metsähallitus, in the Korsnäs future Offshore Wind Farm area, have not revealed any surprises.

16.6.2022 Timo Laakso to lead Metsähallitus’s offshore wind power project – Korsnäs wind farm has the capacity of a nuclear power plant

3.5.2022 Seabed soundings about to start off Korsnäs

The soundings will provide a wide range of information on seabed conditions. They will help to establish what kind of foundations will be needed for wind power plants and which routes are suitable for the electricity transmission cable.

Office hours in Korsnäs

The office will be closed during July. Welcome again in August!

Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Mondays and Fridays, our project expert can be reached from Metsähallitus’ Vaasa office.

The office is free to visit the project and discuss related matters.

More information:
Heidi Vest, project expert
tel. +358 40 167 6862
Silverbergsvägen 23
66200 Korsnäs

Sounding vessel
Sounding vessel in frint of Helsinki. Picture: Toni Meriläinen / Luode Consulting Oy

11.4.2022 Metsähallitus to continue environmental studies for the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm during the spring

Metsähallitus will continue its environmental studies related to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm on land and at sea immediately after the ice has melted. Wind measurements on the island of Bergö in Maalahti will also be continued.

A new video of the mast raising shows the co-operation between special fitters and helicopters on an exceptionally high worksite. The video also shows local landscapes from a unique perspective.

15.3.2022 A new office has been opened
Metsähallitus’ new Korsnäs office serves as an information point for Finland’s first industrial-scale offshore wind farm, which Metsähallitus plans to establish in the sea area off Korsnäs, 15-30 km from the coastline.

The opening was attended by a wide range of stakeholders, and Christina Båssar, Mayor of Korsnäs, warmly welcomed Heidi Vest, who works in the office and office.

Upon completion, the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project would increase Finland’s wind power production by 5,000 GWh per year.

The Korsnäs project will continue with extensive nature surveys in 2022.

14.3.2022 Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project would bring billions in tax revenue and accelerate the green transition
According to a report commissioned by Metsähallitus, the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm would bring billions in tax benefits to the Finnish population and employ thousands of people during its lifecycle. Procurements resulting from large investments would generate significant cash flows regionally and nationally.

2.2.2022 Heidi Vest appointed as Project Expert at Metsähallitus’ Offshore Wind Farm Project in Korsnäs
Heidi Vest (37) has been appointed as Project Expert for Metsähallitus’ offshore wind farm project, located 15-30 km from the coast of Korsnäs municipality, on the west coast of Finland. Heidi Vest has previously worked for Veja Mate offshore windfarm project in Germany and brings along valuable experience for the project. Prior to that she was employed by the Financial Services unit of the German truck manufacturer MAN. She has previous experience also from energy related industries.

She holds a Master degree in Social Science, has a strong international background and has recently moved back to Finland from Singapore. She will be heading the project office in Korsnäs and will be working also at Metsähallitus’ office in Vaasa.

Metsähallitus, the Finnish state-owned enterprise, operates both as a project developer and as an issuer and lessor of reservation and access rights contracts in the offshore wind farm project. Metsähallitus is currently looking for a partner whose expertise are in building and operating the wind power business once the project is completed in the late 2020s. The selection process to find the partner is estimated to be completed during 2022.

Korsnäs offshore wind project will be one of the first large-scale offshore wind farms in Finland. The estimated capacity of the wind farm (1,300 MW) corresponds to about half of Finland’s current wind power capacity (MW) at the end of 2020.

For additional information:
Heidi Vest, Project Expert, Korsnäs offshore wind farm project, Metsähallitus, tel. +358 40 167 6862 or

Finnish Metsähallitus launches partner selection for its 1.3 GW Korsnäs offshore wind power project

26.11.2021 Windmeasurement mast builds in Bergö
Metsähallitus is building a measurement mast to study wind conditions in Bergö, Maalahti. Both a crane and a helicopter will be needed to install the mast, which will reach up to a height of around 170 metres. The purpose of the measurements is to study wind conditions in the area, including the average wind speed, turbulence and variation in wind speeds at different heights. After some two years of measurements, the mast will be taken down.

Drone image of a construction site leveling the location of a wind measurement mast near the sea shore. Photo: Roni Lehti
Photo: Roni Lehti

19. November 2021
Metsähallitus is launching wind measurements for Korsnäs offshore wind farm
October 2021
Recruitment of a local Korsnäs project expert started
21. June 2021
Metsähallitus stakeholder magazine: Offshore wind farm project in Korsnäs is proceeding (in Finnish)
9. June 2021 
Environmental studies started in the Korsnäs offshore wind farm project area
Summer 2021
EIA, zoning and technical consultant selected: AFRY Finland Oy
November 2020
Municipality of Korsnäs approved Metsähallitus’ planning initiative for the offshore wind farm
16. November 2020
Metsähallitus submitted a planning initiative for the offshore wind farm to the municipality of Korsnäs


A video of the mast raising shows the co-operation between special fitters and helicopter on an exceptionally high worksite. The video also shows local landscapes from a unique perspective.

In the video below, we illustrate how the Korsnäs offshore wind farm would be visible from the sea to land in different places around Korsnäs. If you don’t see the video, you’ve probably disabled cookies. Allow cookies and clear your browser’s cache, and the video should appear.

Korsnäs offshore wind farm in a nutshell (pdf)

Korsnäs offshore wind farm brochure (pdf)

Questions and answers (pdf)

Contact information

  • Commercial matters, project sales and partner selection, Partner, Corporate Finance I Strategy & Transactions Kinga Charpentier, Ernst & Young Oy, +358 503 229 397,
  • Licensing and technical matters Karoliina Jaatinen, Affry, +358 40 6604 407,
  • Project Leader Timo Laakso, Metsähallitus, puh. +358 40 351 8366,
  • Project Expert, Korsnäs offshore wind farm project, Heidi Vest, Metsähallitus, tel. +358 40 167 6862,
  • Communication, Hanna Kaurala, Metsähallitus, +358 40 350 4947,