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26.11.2021 Windmeasurement mast builds in Bergö
Metsähallitus is building a measurement mast to study wind conditions in Bergö, Maalahti. Both a crane and a helicopter will be needed to install the mast, which will reach up to a height of around 170 metres. The purpose of the measurements is to study wind conditions in the area, including the average wind speed, turbulence and variation in wind speeds at different heights. After some two years of measurements, the mast will be taken down.

Drone image of a construction site leveling the location of a wind measurement mast near the sea shore. Photo: Roni Lehti
Photo: Ron Lehti

19. November 2021
Metsähallitus is launching wind measurements for Korsnäs offshore wind farm
October 2021
Recruitment of a local Korsnäs project expert started
21. June 2021
Metsähallitus stakeholder magazine: Offshore wind farm project in Korsnäs is proceeding (in Finnish)
9. June 2021 
Environmental studies started in the Korsnäs offshore wind farm project area
Summer 2021
EIA, zoning and technical consultant selected: AFRY Finland Oy
November 2020
Municipality of Korsnäs approved Metsähallitus’ planning initiative for the offshore wind farm
16. November 2020
Metsähallitus submitted a planning initiative for the offshore wind farm to the municipality of Korsnäs


In the video below, we illustrate how the Korsnäs offshore wind farm would be visible from the sea to land in different places around Korsnäs. If you don’t see the video, you’ve probably disabled cookies. Allow cookies and clear your browser’s cache, and the video should appear.

Korsnäs offshore wind farm in a nutshell (pdf)

Korsnäs wind farm ina nutt shell. All information is also in a text form on our web pages.

Korsnäs offshore wind farm brochure (pdf)

Korsnäs brochure cover

Questions and answers, pdf

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  • Project Leader for the Wind Power Business Pertti Tapio, Metsähallitus, puh. +358 206 395 302,
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