Board of Directors

The Government has appointed members to Metsähallitus Board of Directors for 1st of April 2019 – 31st of March 2022.

The Role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees and exercises control over Metsähallitus’ operation. It is responsible for the strategic management and governance of Metsähallitus and the proper organisation of its operations. The Board also ensures that Metsähallitus’ bookkeeping and financial management are organised appropriately and, in particular, that Metsähallitus complies with the decisions and orders of Parliament and other authorities.

If necessary, the Board of Directors issues instructions to the Director General.

The Board is supported by an audit committee as well as an appointments and rewards committee, which assist the Board by preparing its tasks and decisions.

Timo Laitinen


Director General, State Treasury

Sanna Paanukoski

Vice chairman

Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Pekka Hautala

Board member, repsesentative of Metsähallitus' personnel

Ranger, Metsähallitus

Johanna Ikäheimo

Board member

Chairman, Lappset Company

Keskinäinen vakuutusyhtiö Fennia, Board member
Chairman of FEPI – Federation of the European Play Industry
Chairman of the Advisory Council of Lapland University Consortium

Heli Lehtonen


Director of Finance, Metsähallitus

Simo Rundgren

Board member


Jussi Saukkonen

Board member

Director, Finance, Development and HR, Isku Interior Ltd
Chairman of Metsähallitus Audit Committee

Ismo Tiainen

Board member

Director General, Administration and International Affairs, Ministry of the Environment
NEFCO – Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, Board member

Liisa Tyrväinen

Board member

Research Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
WWF Board of Trustees, member