Number and Size of Finland´s Protected Areas Managed by Metsähallitus

The table shows the size and number of statutory nature reserves, wilderness areas, national hiking areas, recreational forests and areas reserved for conservation by Government decision. All areas are on state-owned lands and waters and managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

January 1, 2022

Area typeNumber of areasSize of areas (sq. km)
National parks4110,135
Strict nature reserves191,542
Mire reserves1664,761
Herb-rich forest reserves4611
Old-growth forest reserves7786
Seal reserves7188
Other state-owned nature reserves4293,468
Privately-owned nature reserves18394
Protected areas established by Metsähallitus248
Areas reserved for protection in nature conservation programmes1,5305,184
Protected forests423611
Other protected sites1,2903,005
Wilderness areas1214,891
National hiking areas5243
Other recreational areas7915
Other areas4095
Other areas together3,30724,944
ALL AREAS4,29845,237

The statutory nature reserves comprise of 17 809 km² land (88,2 %) and 2 384 km² (11,8 %) of waters.