Sustainable use of Natural Resources

Metsähallitus takes an ecosystem and bioeconomy based approach to promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, to nature conservation and to providing wellbeing for present and future generations.  Reconciliation of ecological, financial, social and cultural sustainability lies at the core of our duties.

  • We guarantee the optimum sustainable return on state-owned land and water areas over generations, enhancing wellbeing and regional vitality.
  • We safeguard biodiversity and act in a climate-wise manner.
  • We respond to global challenges by offering innovative and sustainable solutions for example through the development of wind power areas.
  • We manage our commercial forests applying the principle of multiple use.
  • We supply approximately 6 million cubic metres of wood for processing and energy annually.
  • We manage and develop the largest protected areas in Western Europe.
  • We protect the cultural heritage alongside habitats and species.
  • We increase the value of state-owned land and water areas in a sustainable manner and provide the foundation for a diverse bioeconomy and local entrepreneurship through good planning and cooperation.

Responsible use of forests

In Finland, forests grow more than they are used. The responsible use of forests is based on the sustainable use of natural resources and the anticipation of changes in the environment. Annually, timber is harvested from approximately two per cent of the total forest area of state-owned forests. 

A new generation of trees is always secured in regeneration felling areas in state forests. Some 80% of state-owned forests are regenerated by sowing or planting, and almost 20% regenerate naturally. 

Finnish legislation places a special obligation on Metsähallitus to protect biodiversity on state lands. Besides commercial wood supply, ecological values are secured through excellent environmental management. In state-owned commercial forests, special emphasis is also placed on the needs of recreational use, reindeer husbandry and the Sámi culture. 

We are part of the bio economy value chain

Finnish bio-economy is based on the forest. Besides wood products and paper, biomasses originating in forests are now being used in textile fibres, medicines, chemicals, functional foods, plastics, cosmetics, smart packaging and bio-oils. Metsähallitus multiple-use forests supplies the raw materials for all these products. The wood sell by Metsähallitus accumulates every year the forest industry export revenue of about one billion Euros. 

On the basis of the objectives set by Parliament, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry decides annual performance targets for Metsähallitus. Financial performance has improved in the 2000s, and operating profit exceeds 100 million Euros on a permanent basis. 

The financial prosperity created by Metsähallitus is distributed in the form of wages and remuneration, taxes, procurement and dividends to various parts of society. 


  • We pay over one hundred million euros in dividends to the state every year 
  • We employ 1 100 persons around the country 
  • We deliver timber for the industry about six million cubic metres a year
  • We enhance the use of wind power. 
  • We develop and sell real estates 
  • We maintain outdoor recreation facilities that are also available for nature turism entrepreneurs.
  • We provide work for hundreds of contractors.
  • We support local businesses by enhancing nature tourism: the impacts of visitors´ spending in national parks and hiking areas to the local economy over 320.5 million euros in 2021.