Herb-rich Forest Reserves are Lush Forest Islets

Herb-rich forests are Finland’s most lush forest type, rich in species diversity. Finland is at the northern growth limit for herb-rich forests and for this reason there are some features in our herb-rich forests that do not appear elsewhere.

Herb-rich forests are found throughout Finland in small islets in the middle of dry forests. They only grow in very concentrated areas, where the soil and climate are favourable. Herb-rich forests account for only about one percent of all Finland’s forests.

The goal of herb-rich forest conservation in Finland is to preserve the best possible samples of typical forests in the herb-rich zone and to protect the areas so that their biologically most valuable features are preserved.

There are 45 herb-rich forest reserves in Finland, with a total area of 11 sq.km. Valuable herb-rich forests are also preserved in other protected areas.

Walking around in herb-rich forest reserves is permitted as an Everyman’s Right, but camping and lighting campfires are forbidden.