Accessibility statement

Metsähallitus is committed to ensuring that the website complies with the requirements for accessibility provided for in the Act on Providing Digital Services (306/2019, in Finnish).

This accessibility statement pertains to the web domain, which was published on 9 June 2020. The website’s accessibility features have been designed by a third-party advisory. This statement was compiled on 25/05/2020.

Accessibility status

All web pages registered under the domain partially comply with the A and AA success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 & 2.1).

Non-compliant content

The website does not entirely comply with the accessibility requirements in the following regards:

Search functionality

The search functionality used on the website does not currently comply with the accessibility requirements. The site search is a stand alone product, Valu Search, provided by Valu Digital Oy, and we are unfortunately unable to modify its functionality. All accessibility issues are reported to Valu Digital Oy and they will then attempt to resolve the issues in their next version update. The following difficulties have been noted in relation to the accessibility of the search functionality:

  • In the mobile view, the search box appears by pressing the search button. However, it is difficult to find the search box because the field comes before the button and there is a home page link in between. (2.4.3)

Accessibility of attachments

The website has downloadable attachments that are not yet entirely accessible. We are working through the files and doing our best to ensure that the site’s attachments comply with the accessibility requirements. We kindly request that you send us accessibility feedback or a request if the file you wish to access is not available in an accessible format for you.

Enlarging plain text

Enlarging plain text by 200% causes some problems on the main menu and form pages. These problems should not, however, prevent use of the website. (1.4.4)


Many alternative texts of the images are still missing on the English version of the website, but we’re working to add them as soon as possible.

Site content not covered by law

Inset map

The site has an embedded map that was not developed to be accessible because the applicable law (Act on Providing Digital Services 306/2019) does not cover map services. The information contained in the map, for which the map format is not relevant and to which the law applies, has been compiled into a list of links below the map to ensure that the information is accessible.

Webropol forms

Some of the forms used by the website have been created using the Webropol form software, which is a third-party product. The Webropol forms have been assessed as being more accessible than the site’s own forms. However, the Webropol forms do not comply with all of the accessibility requirements and our observations have been reported to Webropol Oy.

Addressing accessibility shortcomings

The aforementioned shortcomings (with the exception of content not covered by the law) will be addressed as soon as possible. This accessibility statement shall be amended as and when any or all of the detected shortcomings have been addressed.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was compiled on 25/05/2020. The statement is based on an audit of the website’s compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, which was conducted by an external expert organisation.

The statement was last revised on 30/01/2023.

Feedback and contact details

We are firmly committed to developing the accessibility of the website and kindly request that you contact us if any of the website content deviates from this commitment. We are doing our best to ensure that our content is accessible to all.

In sending us accessibility feedback, you can either indicate that the accessibility requirements have not been met in some respects on the website or request information or content that does not fall within the scope of the directive. We aim to respond to requests as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks from the date on which your request has been received. The unit responsible for accessibility feedback is Communications at Metsähallitus. Please send your accessibility feedback to us via email (


If you notice accessibility issues with the site, please provide feedback to the site administrator (see Feedback and Contact Information for instructions). It may take up to 14 days to receive a reply. If you are not satisfied with the reply that you receive or you do not receive a reply within two weeks, you can file a complaint with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Contact information for the supervisory authority:

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Supervision Unit for Accessibility
tel. +358 (0)295 016 000