Photo: Toni Eskelinen

16.11.2020 | Wind Power

Metsähallitus submitted a planning proposal for the offshore wind farm to the municipality of Korsnäs

Finland is making an effort to become the world’s first fossil free welfare society by 2035. Metsähallitus plays an important role in achieving this goal as it is possible to build a significant number of wind power plants in state-owned areas that it manages; the energy produced in these power plants would reduce the need for fossil fuels. The Korsnäs project is Metsähallitus’ first own offshore wind park project.

17.11.2020 | Nature Conservation

Protecting an endangered seal

Living only in the Lake Saimaa, the Saimaa ringed seal is an endangered species. Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland is responsible for its conservation. A new project secures the funding of the protection work for the next five years

13.11.2020 | Outdoors

Outdoor etiquette helps us explore nature and treat our fellow hikers and the great outdoors with respect

It is time to make the best of the daylight hours whenever possible. Let´s keep safe distances even on nature trails and at campfire sites!