Photo: Katri Lehtola / Keksi Agency


Biogas vehicle transports Metsähallitus's timber

Metsähallitus will start using biogas produced from waste and industry by-flows in timber transports. The new fuel produces up to 90% less life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.

National Parks

Salla, a brand new national park in Finland

The old-growth forests of our 41st national park stretch from ravines and mires to the tops of the fells. Welcome to visit Salla National Park in Eastern Lapland!

Wind Power

Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project would bring billions in tax revenue and accelerate the green transition

The Korsnäs offshore wind farm is equivalent to an investment in a modern nuclear power plant (1,300 MW). The size of the project is a good indicator of the potential of offshore wind power for increasing renewable electricity production in a world where the need for renewable electricity is growing because of both digitalisation and the electrification of industry and transport.