Photo: Toni Eskelinen

9.6.2020 | Nature and the Environment

Metsähallitus plays a key role in Finland’s transition to a carbon-neutral society

Our climate programme promotes the transition to a carbon-neutral society by 2035 through increasing carbon sinks, carbon storage and clean energy production as well as by cutting our emissions.

30.6.2020 | Outdoors

The renewed is an excellent service for hikers in Finland contains state and municipality-owned nature destinations, trails and structures built for hikers, such as campfire sites, lean-to shelters and wilderness huts. The map also includes state-owned fishing and hunting areas.

9.6.2020 | Outdoors

Outdoor etiquette helps us explore nature and treat our fellow hikers and the great outdoors with respect

Getting out and about is more popular than ever. The great Finnish etiquette debate is now tackling everything from tennis socks and air kisses to nature hikes!