Photo: Katri Lehtola/Keksi Agency (Hossa)

Wind Power

Metsähallitus to launch the competitive tendering process for two offshore wind power projects

The Edith project will be located in the sea area belonging to Närpiö and the Ebba project in the sea areas off Pyhäjoki and Raahe. The municipalities have approved the planning proposals for the projects, and the preliminary studies launched by Metsähallitus are progressing.


Finland’s largest ever EU funded LIFE biodiversity project started: new and more effective means to combat biodiversity loss

The eight-year Priodiversity LIFE project includes restoration through extensive sets of measures. The total budget of the project is EUR 50 million, of which EUR 30 million comes from the EU LIFE programme.


New digital services encourage people to explore nature

National Parks Finland is a unit of Metsähallitus, now developing a national digital service that brings together different actors’ destinations, routes and services related to outdoor activities. The aim is to help people find suitable outdoor activities more easily. The new application and online service will be available to everyone in 2024, free of charge.


In the future, the Outdoor etiquette for fishers and hunters will be followed in state-owned areas

Hunters and fishers are expected to observe the new Outdoor etiquette in Metsähallitus fishing waters and hunting areas in the future. The Outdoor etiquette emphasises respect for the catch or game, nature, and other people enjoying nature. Approximately 200,000 hunting and fishing permits are purchased for state-owned areas each year.


Promoting diversity and equality is part of our strategy

With our diversity, equality and non-discrimination plan, we ensure that human rights are respected in our activities. Through the measures set out in the plan, we are building a more diverse work community and eliminating discrimination in our employer activities and in the services that are intended for our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Climate Change

This year we plant 18 million seedlings

Our goal is to increase the carbon sink of multiple-use forests and the carbon stock of state-owned land by 10 % by 2035. Key measures for increasing carbon sequestration and building up the carbon storage in forests include increasing fertilisation and using selectively bred cultivation material for forest regeneration.