Metsähallitus safeguards biodiversity in state-owned land and water areas

We regard state-owned lands as a whole in which protected areas and the most valuable ecological sites in multiple-use forests constitute a nationwide ecological network. In terms of species and landscapes, the sites of the network are vital for the preservation of biodiversity in Finland.

Threatened Species

Critically endangered Arctic fox breeds successfully in Finland

This summer, a long-awaited turn took place during the Arctic fox nesting inspections, when the Arctic fox was found to have successfully breeded, in the Enontekiö fell area in Northern Lapland. The on-the-spot inspection revealed three cubs had been born to the Arctic fox couple. This is the first time in over 25 years the Arctic fox successfully breeds in Finland. (Stock photo: Seppo Keränen)


The Climate Programme encouraged Metsähallitus to continue log driving after seven years

At the end of June, Metsähallitus continued log driving after a seven-year break. One of the key goals of Metsähallitus’s Climate Programme is to reduce their carbon footprint. Log driving is particularly suitable for long transport journeys and is part of Metsähallitus’s efforts to develop climate-friendly timber transport.

Wind Power

Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project would bring billions in tax revenue and accelerate the green transition

The Korsnäs offshore wind farm is equivalent to an investment in a modern nuclear power plant (1,300 MW). The size of the project is a good indicator of the potential of offshore wind power for increasing renewable electricity production in a world where the need for renewable electricity is growing because of both digitalisation and the electrification of industry and transport.