Photo: Mikko Törmänen/Keksi Agency

Metsähallitus will survey primary and old-growth forests during 2024–2025

The purpose of the inventory is to identify and protect primary and old-growth forests in accordance with the EU Commission definition and national criteria. Once state-owned forests have been inventoried, Parliament will decide on the areas to be protected on the basis of a government proposal.

International evaluation: management of protected areas in Finland is of a high standard but can get even more effective

According to the report, the system of protected areas works well. However, many species are endangered, threats due to climate change are increasing and resources available for management are declining. The protected area network managed by Parks & Wildlife Finland plays a particularly important role in halting the decline of Finland’s biodiversity.

The outdoor etiquette for the Homeland of the Sámi shows how to respect nature and culture

Metsähallitus has published an outdoor etiquette for the Homeland in cooperation with various actors in the Sámi Homeland. The etiquette called “These Lands are our Children” is based on the natural resource plan for the Sámi Homeland.

Wind Power

Offshore Wind Power Projects in Territorial Waters Proceed with Favorable Winds

Plans are in place for over 6000 MW of offshore wind power in the territorial waters managed by Metsähallitus. The most advanced project is the wind power project planned by Vattenfall and Metsähallitus off the coast of Korsnäs, for which the environmental impact assessment is currently underway. Partners are being sought for two other projects, and their environmental and land surveys will continue this summer.