Phases of the offshore project

The project development and construction of an offshore wind farm will take about a decade in total.

A close-up of the wind turbine

The usual stages of project development and construction are:

  • Preliminary studies and search for a suitable offshore wind farm area
  • Negotiations with the representatives of the local municipality
  • Wind measurements over a couple of years and preparation of land leases for wind measurements
  • Nature studies for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure, which also takes a year or two. EIA procedure, during which the effects of the project on the local community, natural values ​​and technical aspects, as well as the means to mitigate possible negative effects, are assessed
  • Zoning of the area to suit wind power; zoning and EIA proceed simultaneously
  • Opinion from the Finnish Defense Forces
  • Preliminary negotiations with the system operator (TSO) to find suitable solutions for the transmission of electricity to the national grid and the final negotiations with the TSO to connect the wind farm to the national grid
  • Applying for a water permit
  • Applying for an obstacle clearance in accordance with the Aviation Act
  • Technical design throughout the project
  • Construction permit;
  • Earthworks construction
  • Acquisition of power plants
  • Start of construction and construction phase
  • Starting wind power production