Solar power

Solar power helps balance Finland’s electricity generation, as solar and wind power are produced at different times. Solar power operations support Finland's goals of increasing self-sufficiency in energy and achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, to which Metsähallitus is also contributing. Our aim is to multiply the production of renewable energy in state-owned areas by 2030.

Solar power produces emission-free electricity with low environmental impacts, especially during spring and summer, but solar power also produces electricity in winter. The largest amount of solar radiation is in coastal areas and in southern Finland. However, industrial-scale solar power parks are also being developed in the north and inland areas. Solar power can be made more profitable by building it in connection with wind power into hybrid wind and solar power parks where electricity can be produced consistently throughout the year.

Metsähallitus’ activities in solar power projects

We lease land for solar power projects and work as a project developer in solar projects as well as hybrid solar and wind power projects. Our solar power activities are guided by responsibility. We aim to direct solar power production to environments that have already been transformed by humans, such as former peat production areas.

In connection with the area selection, we carry out surveys in which we consider the nature values of the area and the acceptability of the projects, and we strive to reconcile land use in the areas into a functional solution, taking into account different aspects.

Solar power’s leasing and project development are part of our statutory property development sector. Similarly to wind power, we sell the project rights of the solar power park before the construction phase begins, and thus we are not the contractor or electricity producer of the project.

Lease of solar power areas to project developers

We also lease areas for solar power projects. Before launching the solar power project in state-owned areas, the operator must have a valid agreement on the area with Metsähallitus.

We only lease areas approved for business use for solar power development. Solar power construction cannot be planned in nature reserves, national parks or state-owned areas reserved for conservation.

Area inquiries

Area inquiries must be carried out as early as possible by contacting our Wind Power Unit. The project developer submits a proposal to the experts of the regional lease team by e-mail regarding the areas managed by Metsähallitus that are reserved for solar power use.

Pipsa Malinen

Specialist, Wind Energy

Metsähallitus Property Development
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Puh. +358 50 439 1906

At least the following must be delivered to Metsähallitus:

  1. Main information about the project.
  2. The limits of the project area and presentation of the area to be reserved as a shp file
  3. Status of land leases concluded in the project area
  4. Preliminary project schedule

The preliminary investigation and reservation process of solar power areas is mostly similar to wind power projects. Unlike in wind power projects, a lease agreement for solar power areas is negotiated after the reservation agreement and it excludes other use of the area during the term of the lease agreement.

We require our contractual partners to commit to the Metsähallitus Partner Code of Conduct, which is based on Metsähallitus’ own Code of Conduct. The Partner Code of Conduct contains the minimum requirements set by Metsähallitus for contract partners, which, in addition to the laws and regulations applicable to their business operations, they must comply with in their contractual relationship with Metsähallitus.