Health Benefits of Fishing and Hunting

Hunters as well as fishers feel that their physical and mental well-being is enhanced by spending time outdoors. Their social well-being is also improved.

A survey carried out by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland and the Oulu Deaconess Institute in 2014 examined the health and well-being benefits experienced by Metsähallitus license customers on their hunting and fishing trips. 90% of hunters and 80% of fishers estimated that their well-being had improved on hunting and fishing trips. The greatest impact on well-being was experienced on trips lasting 8–14 days. On average, effects on well-being experienced by women were bigger than those experienced by men. Effects on well-being were greater when hunting in vast northern hunting areas and when fishing for natural fish.

According to catch reports, grouse hunters walked on average 8.1 kilometres during a hunting day. The amount of the hunters’ daily physical activity is well over the minimum recommendations, although the survey does not say whether the level of activity is continued in everyday life outside the hunting trip.

People travelling in groups estimate the effects on their well-being to be higher than those travelling alone. Two out of three hunters say that they go on hunting trips with friends. Half of fishers take their friends along and one third take their families with them. Experiences shared with friends increase social well-being.

Destinations throughout the country

Parks & Wildlife Finland offers fishers access to thousands of state owned water areas. Vast state owned hunting areas are open to all hunters with a hunting permit.

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