Holiday home plots and buildings

To make your dream of a holiday home come true, you need a plot of land – and we have a wide range of plots.

We have over a thousand state-owned plots for sale or to let around Finland – on the shores of rivers and lakes as well as by fells. Most plots are by water, but we also have plots in nearly every tourism centre in Lapland. Wilderness plots are located in uninhabited areas by excellent fishing waters or hunting lands, and we have dozens of them as well.

We also have nearly a hundred plots for detached houses for sale around Finland. Their size, peaceful surroundings and beautiful scenery are their best assets.

Plots that are on state land are surrounded by clean nature and you have various opportunities for recreational activities. For example, at Ylläs, the magnificent landscapes of the national park are only a short distance away, and there are plenty of choices for hiking destinations.

Nearly all of Metsähallitus’ plots can be reached by a road. Tourism centre plots are always infrastructurally complete, including water, sewage, electricity, and broadband connections. Beach plots do not always have access to all the services, but you should not reject a good plot for the lack of power supply, for example. Solar panels, and other solutions, have improved enormously and you can have all conveniences at your holiday home, even without a traditional power supply.

An affordable start by renting

Building a holiday home of your own does not come cheap, and the costs may sometimes feel too high. One way to help you get started is to rent a plot, which will leave more funds for the construction of a holiday home.

Approximately 60 per cent of Metsähallitus’ plots are rented at first. The rental period is typically 40 years, and in most places, you can buy the rented plot later. When you divide the annual rent into months, you will notice that the cost is reasonable.

A holiday home can also be sublet

Nothing prevents you from subletting the plot you have rented and its holiday home to another person. We have a lot of customers, especially near ski resorts, who sublet their holiday homes. Some have built a semi-detached house on their plot, and they only use one side themselves whilst the other is sublet.

Building sales

We also occasionally sale a variety of buldings. Some of the sites are sold at a fixed price or on the basis of offers on our website, while others are auctioned on website. You usually have a few months to place your bid after the site goes on sale. When a site is auctioned, it will have a predefined date for final bids and everyone can see what others are willing to pay, so they can raise their own offer.

Some of the buildings are sold on their own plot of land, while others are sold for transfer. Before selling, we have the building’s condition assessed and clarify its protection status, electrification, water supply and other related matters depending on the site. For buildings sold for demolition, we will acquire the demolition permit beforehand and determine how the rubble should be handled.

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