Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm

Metsähallitus' Climate Programme promotes the attainment of Finland's climate targets and transition to a carbon-neutral society by 2035 through increasing carbon sinks, carbon storage and clean energy production as well as by cutting emissions. In line with this, we are developing an offshore wind farm, 15−30 km off the coast of Korsnäs municipality, on the west coast of Finland.

In this project, Metsähallitus operates both as a project developer for wind power and as an issuer and lessor of reservation and right-of-use agreements. We are looking for a partner whose expertise is in building and operating the wind power business once the project is completed in the late 2020s. The partner must meet our responsibility criteria.

The planned nominal capacity of the Korsnäs offshore wind farm is at least 1,300 megawatts. Total wind power capacity amounted approximately to 2,500 MW in Finland in the end of 2020.


A new video has been published of the wind measuring mast raising.

The partner selection process for the planned offshore wind farm in Korsnäs is ongoing. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Preliminary studies and nature surveys related to the environmental impact assessment (EIA) are also underway.

Korsnäs offshore wind farm: Facts and figures

During the first phase of the project, 70 to 100 turbines with a nominal power of 12 to 20 megawatts would be built in the area.
The annual production of the wind farm is estimated at about 5,000 GWh. For instance, it would be enough to meet the electricity needs of 250,000 detached houses throughout the year, including electric heating.

Next steps in Korsnäs offshore wind farm project

Wind power projects are progressing through several stages.
As the project progresses, its effects on the local community and natural values are assessed, permits are applied for, and zoning issues are clarified. At the same time, the technical design and implementation of the project is progressing.

Metsähallitus’ operating model for offshore wind power

Korsnäs is the first offshore wind power project where Metsähallitus acts as a project developer.
As this is a large-scale project, we will organize a tender competition to find a responsible partner for the project. Partners are sought domestic and abroad.

Partner selection criteria

Metsähallitus sets strict responsibility requirements for the Korsnäs offshore wind farm project partner.

Offshore wind power and Finland's climate goals

Finland’s goal is to be a fossil-free welfare society by 2035 through increasing carbon sinks, carbon storage and clean energy production as well as by cutting our emissions.
Our goal is to triple wind power production in our areas by 2030.