Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm

In December 2022, Metsähallitus reached an agreement with Vattenfall for the development and construction of Finland’s first offshore wind project in the open sea area.

The wind farm – with a planning maximum capacity of 2.5 GW and a potential annual production of 7 TWh – will be located at Korsnäs, on the west coast of the country. The wind farm is estimated to be operational in 2030s.

Korsnäs offshore project is a most important new opening towards Finland’s climate goals as well as electricity supply.

Korsnäs offshore wind project

  • Korsnäs offshore wind farm is the first in the row of offshore projects to be developed and auctioned by Metsähallitus.
  • Investment value will amount to EUR 2 – 3 billion (estimate) when the wind farm is operational in 2030s.
  • The annual electricity production is estimated to be 7 TWh, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 350,000 electrically heated detached houses.
  • Nominal capacity of the wind farm will be max 2.5 GW, corresponding with 36% of the wind power capacity in Finland in 2023.
  • The partner to build and operate the wind farm was selected in an international auction process carried.
  • Offshore auction processes are arranged by Metsähallitus in line with its role in managing the state-owned land and sea areas in the country.

News and publications

Vattenfall to develop and construct the Korsnäs offshore wind farm, the first open sea offshore project in Finland.

The project was started and auctioned by Metsähallitus.


The background of the offshore wind farm in the area of Korsnäs municipality can be found in the Regional Plan and Maritime Spatial Plan.

The selected area is suitable for wind power production from many points of view.

Partner selection criteria

Metsähallitus sets strict responsibility requirements for the Korsnäs offshore wind farm project partner.