We value cooperation and partnerships in everything we do

Metsähallitus' work is subject to a variety of expectations. In order to reconcile them responsibly, we need to team up and work together with a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

Cooperation in Metsähallitus takes many different forms from doing things together to information exchanges, trading, guidance and interaction. Important forms of cooperation include compiling natural resource plans with stakeholders, project collaboration with partners, and negotiations with reindeer herding cooperatives. 

Metsähallitus has an extensive and versatile network of stakeholders and partners. Our stakeholders include all those who have an interest in the land and water areas under Metsähallitus’ stewardship. There are major differences between our partners and stakeholders, which is why the ways we collaborate with them also vary. However, the common denominator is continuous interaction.    

A graphic names Metsähallitus' partners and stakeholders. They are: state owner, business activities, organisations and federations, non-govermental organisations, international partners, administration, education and research, investors and providers of funding, media, local communities and citizens and Sámi community.