Contracting Policies

In cooperation with its contractors, Metsähallitus strives to develop the services it purchases and to have a positive impact on the development of contract work throughout the forest industry. Contracting policies are defined in Metsähallitus’ contracting principles. 

Our goal is to promote contractor independence and true entrepreneurship while supporting the development of a culture emphasising quality standards within the forest industry. We have a service description covering all types of work that we perform. This service description contains details on the content of contracting services and requirements related to service provision and defines the quality factors by job type. 

Metsähallitus regularly participates in development discussions with contractors, agreeing on operational goals and indicators of success. In addition, Metsähallitus requires both parties to commit to jointly agreed quantitative and qualitative operational goals. 

The contractors are responsible for briefing their personnel and ensuring that their professional skills are up to date. Metsähallitus participates in the training of contractors and their work force by organising training days that promote professional skills. Contractors are also encouraged to take part in other types of entrepreneurship development training. New contractors are familiarised with Metsähallitus’ policies through a set of online course options.