Rental and right of use contracts

Metsähallitus leases state-owned land and water areas for a wide range of activities. Over a thousand new rental and right of use contracts are made annually. Overall, there are nearly 20,000 valid contracts. Of these, approximately 4,000 are rental contracts. The rental contracts and right of use contracts mainly concern land or water areas as well as buildings and structures. The duration of different rental contracts varies greatly, from one year to several decades.

We lease areas such as slopes in ski resorts, wind farm sites, rock and peat extraction sites, fishing areas, fish farming sites and ponds for fish hatcheries. We also lease all of our fields for cultivation.

In addition, most of the plots offered by Metsähallitus can be rented, and each year, approximately half of our customers rent instead of purchasing the plot. Usually, the plot can be purchased later. We lease Metsähallitus’ cottages for shorter periods of time on the Lomarengas website.

A right of use contract usually refers to an agreement that transfers a more limited right of use than a land lease. The right of use contract may concern, for example, the transfer of the right to use the road area, service structures or the line area.

Government actors, such as the Finnish Defence Forces and the Natural Resources Institute Finland, have right of use contracts to operate in areas managed by Metsähallitus.