Notification of an organized event

State owned nature reserves may be used to organize events by making a nofication to Metsähallitus.

Nature reserves and other protected areas governed by Metsähallitus

The Metsähallitus Internet map services may be used to carry out checks on whether the target area is situated within a State nature reserve or other protected area.

A notice is usually sufficient and no actual permit is required.

The type of protected area use that should be notified, for example, are orienteering and outdoor activities events, public tours and camps for school children as well as group camping or long-lasting camping in the same area.

Notifying the events in advance helps to avoid any overlap and congestion at the sites or possible risks to protected site values.

Notifying does not justify non-compliance to site provisions nor construction of structures or use of motorized vehicles on the terrain.

If the nature of the notified event, activity or extended camping is such that an authorization (permit) is needed, Metsähallitus will contact the person directly.

Permission or notification is not required

  • for organizing small public events
  • for photography, if this does not result in harm or disturbance to the fauna and flora and, if a cache is not used (with the exception of lightweight, tent-like hides)
  • for short-term camping in designated areas or other activities permitted by everyman’s right.

More information on everyman´s right (