Terms of use

Description of the web service

This web service (hereinafter also ‘Service’) is produced and maintained by Metsähallitus, a state-owned enterprise operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment (Business ID: 0116726-7). Metsähallitus’ web service consists of pages containing information and an image bank.

The user undertakes to use Metsähallitus’ web service in compliance with these Terms of Use, the law and generally appropriate usage. The Service is free of charge.

All the information appearing in the Service is intended for informative purposes only and should not be conceived as advice of a legal, commercial or any other nature. Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the information presented in the Service for the user’s purposes or for the results of any action taken on the basis of this information.

Use of cookies

The web service Metsa.fi uses cookies for some functionalities of the Service. The user can reject or delete cookies.

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Rights of use for the material published in the web service

Metsähallitus’ web service may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. The user is not entitled to utilise the Service or any part of it in any other manner without the written permission of Metsähallitus. All rights, including copyrights, relating to the Service belong to Metsähallitus and/or its co-operation partners. The user is not entitled – except for the exceptions mentioned below – to distribute, publish, translate or modify documents or other material or release them for use by a third party without prior consent in writing.

The pages of the Metsähallitus web service or parts of them may be printed for the user’s own personal use.

The use of press releases and other material intended to be publicly available may be used in public media, but the source of the information must be mentioned when the material is used.

Rights of use for the image bank

Metsähallitus’ web service includes an image bank, and the images and logos therein may freely be used for journalistic or communication purposes relating to Metsähallitus, in compliance with generally appropriate usage. The material may not be used for commercial purposes. Metsähallitus reserves all rights to the material in the image bank, and Metsähallitus should be stated as the source of the images when used.

Use of the contact information

Contact information for Metsähallitus’ personnel at their workplace may be accessed through Metsähallitus’ web service. Use of the contact information for any other than private purposes is prohibited. Any commercial use in particular, such as all manner of direct marketing, is prohibited.

Maintenance of the Service and liability for damages

Metsähallitus undertakes to maintain the correctness and high quality of the information presented in the web service as much as possible, but does not guarantee the contents of the site nor that the site is entirely free of errors. Metsähallitus is entitled to improve and alter the contents and structure of the Service.

Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for continuous availability of the Service, and does not guarantee that the Service will always function without interruptions or faults. Metsähallitus shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the user as a result of incorrect contents or technical faults or maintenance work.

Metsähallitus is entitled to alter the software, database, equipment or any other part of the Service. Metsähallitus is entitled at any time to temporarily or permanently discontinue the Service or a part of it.

Material produced by third parties

Metsähallitus is not responsible for the contents or functionality of other web services accessible through Metsähallitus’ Service. By proceeding to a web site linked with Metsähallitus’ Service, the user accepts that the said site is not under the control of Metsähallitus and that it is not possible for Metsähallitus to influence their contents. The existence of a link to a web site outside Metsähallitus’ Service does not imply that Metsähallitus endorses that site or the services offered there in any way.

Law to be applied

Finnish Law shall be applied in the use of the Service and interpretation of these Terms of Use. Any disputes concerning these terms and conditions shall be settled at Helsinki District Court in compliance with the Finnish Law.

Entry into force and modifications of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use enter into force at the time of updating (shown at the end of the document) and shall remain in force until further notice. Metsähallitus is entitled to modify the Terms of Use, and the new Terms of Use shall enter into force at the time of their publication in the web service.