In Finland, you can ride a snowmobile on official snowmobile routes and on snowmobile tracks maintained by municipalities and Metsähallitus. The tracks cover almost 20, 000 kilometres all in all.

Instructions for responsible snowmobile riders

It is the responsibility of each snowmobile rider to ensure that snowmobiles do not cause harm to nature or other people moving in nature. Instructions for responsible snowmobiling are available at

Approximately 3, 500 kilometres are tracks maintained by Metsähallitus. There are often comfortable campfire sites for taking a short break along the tracks, in addition to many other services.

The snowmobile tracks of Metsähallitus are unofficial routes and driving on them requires either a personal or family snowmobile track permit.

The official snowmobile routes are roads as defined in the Road Traffic Act and their use is thus free of charge. These routes are intended specifically for snowmobile traffic.