Forest holding sales

Metsähallitus has several forest holdings and joint forest holdings for sale around Finland. We buy forest lands adjacent to state-owned land to promote the uniformity of the property structure and for the special purposes of other government actors, such as for training areas of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Forests regenerate and keep their value well, which makes them a safe investment. The Forest Act grants the owner extensive rights to decide how to use the forest. In addition to producing wooden raw material and financial benefits, the forest nature provides various recreational opportunities, such as forest management or foraging of wild berries and mushrooms. The forest is an excellent environment for hunting, fishing and nature photography.

The forest is also an ecological and climate-friendly investment. They are a renewable natural resource that bind carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for the atmosphere as they grow. The diverse ecosystem of a forest is a home for countless species of plants and animals.

From time to time, Metsähallitus also sells holdings of joint forests. A joint forest is a forest area owned and managed by several partners together. The government has also been involved in establishing joint forests by allocating Metsähallitus’ areas for that purpose. Once the area becomes operational and established, we sell our shares.

Smooth trading

You can find the Metsähallitus forests that are on sale from the website, which also has information about the area’s trees. However, you should always visit the forest you plan to buy.

Forest holdings are sold both at a fixed price and on the basis of offers, some at an auction. In an auction, you usually need to bid within a few months after the site goes on sale. When a site is auctioned, it will have a predefined date for final bids and everyone can see what others are willing to pay, so they can raise their own offer.

Forest holdings can be sold and bought conveniently on electronic channels, which saves costs and makes the trading arrangements easier. 

Purchase of forest holdings and land areas

Metsähallitus purchases forest holdings to be used in forestry, mainly such that are located within or in the immediate vicinity of state-owned land. If you have such a site to sell, you can contact our sales consultants. You can find their contact details at the bottom of the page.

The Finnish Defence Forces operate and train on land under the control of Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus is also in charge of procuring additional land areas needed for training. Selling land or forest area to the Finnish Defence Forces is very profitable for the seller in terms of taxation, as these deals have an 80% deemed acquisition cost that guarantees the seller significant tax benefits of the capital gain. Then the seller only pays tax on a 20% share, making 80% of the sales exempt from taxes. 

Contact information

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