Responsible cooperation in tourism

We would like everyone to have access to the experiences offered by our magnificent nature. We also want tourism to be responsible and sustainable. We manage the most important element of Finland’s brand, nature, and are responsible for preserving it for future generations to enjoy, too.

State-owned land and water areas offer tourists and hikers an inexhaustible range of destinations. Particularly in Lapland, the tourism industry is rapidly growing and becoming more international.

Tourism and hiking are an extremely important field of activity for Metsähallitus, which our versatile organisation approaches from several different angles.

  • We are responsible for the tourism infrastructure in national parks and other protected areas as well as the state-owned hiking areas.
  • We enable hunting and fishing in the state’s land and water areas.
  • We also zone, sell and rent sites on state land for the use of tourism companies and private individuals.
  • Our multiple-use forests offer many types of possibilities for entrepreneurs and citizens, which is why most of the tourism services and trails on state-owned land are found on areas used for commercial forestry.  

Metsähallitus is responsible for the most important aspect of Finland’s country brand: nature. We also ensure that state-owned lands and waters are managed and used in a way that will allow future generations to enjoy them, too.

We develop the services of tourism areas on state-owned land with the aim of generating well-being for both individuals and companies: health and well-being for local residents and tourists, good operating conditions for entrepreneurs, and economic welfare for the entire region. Managing this in a sustainable and responsible manner is particularly important for us, and we thus regularly monitor the sustainability of tourism.