Metsähallitus has a certified environmental management system, ISO 14001, on the basis of which environmental goals are adopted annually.

ISO14001 certificate

Metsähallitus’ ISO14001 certificate no. 7744-07

The environmental management system specifies how environmental issues are integrated into the activities of all business units. At the core of the system is the responsibility policy, which covers the most essential main points of environmental issues. Key environmental perspectives and their monitoring methods for all activities are specified in line with the requirements of the environmental management system. At the practical level, consideration for the environment is crystallised in the environmental objectives which are derived from the responsibility policy and adopted each year.

The strategic environmental goals are:

  • halting biodiversity loss
  • climate change adaptation and mitigation.

On the basis of these strategic objectives, more specific annual environmental targets are determined for the business units. They are translated into practice through instructions and training. The attainment of the environmental targets is evaluated every year and the results are compiled in environmental reviews, which also identify the most important development areas in environmental issues. This operating method implements the principle of continuous improvement determined in the environmental management system.

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Metsähallitus forests are certified in compliance with the international PEFC system.

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The responsibility policy specifies the key objectives of operations, the most essential principles, main roles and responsibilities and reporting practices of environmental management.

The responsibility policy

Compliance with the environmental management system is monitored regularly by means of internal audits. An external audit, which is the basis for ISO 14001certification, is carried out each year to check the effectiveness of the system. The currently valid certificate (Certificate No. 7744-07) was issued by Kiwa Inspecta Sertifiointi.

Efforts to keep the environmental management system up to date are coordinated by Metsähallitus’ Environment Group. The group follows the development of relevant legislation and changes in the operating environment, and makes proposals on any changes needed in Metsähallitus’ guidelines.

By means of annual internal audits and environmental reviews, the Environment Group ensures that the environmental goals are attained. Additionally, goal achievement is verified in an external audit carried out by an independent actor.