Metsähallitus – Leading enabler of wind power activities in Finland

As the manager of state-owned land and sea areas, we enable efficient use of state-owned areas for wind power generation while addressing other land use needs and environmental values. We also wish to play an active role in achieving the national climate targets.

Project development 

Our scope in the wind power project development includes scouting for suitable greenfield development sites, managing the permitting process all the way to fully permitted phase and conducting feasibility assessments that meet the demanding industry standards. 

Typically we divest the project and construction rights through tendering processes once the projects are fully permitted. Our rock and soil extraction and forestry businesses are often a great benefit for the project during the construction phase. 

Metsähallitus stays as a long-term land lessor for the wind park areas in the form of right-of-use agreements. 

Wind power project development in short 

  • Project development that meets the demanding international standards – 650 MW of developed and divested projects of which more than 450 MW already in operation or under construction 
  • Highly qualified and experienced organization in regards of project and contract management, environmental impact assessment and technical design 
  • Strong local presence through other regional activities contributing to wide local acceptance 
  • Secured long-term land leasing for wind power activities 

Developed and divested wind farm projects 

Investment opportunities

Metsähallitus actively develops wind farm projects. Typically we divest the project construction rights through tendering processes once the projects are fully permitted. 
Our contact for investment opportunities: Wind Power Manager Pertti Tapio 

Contact us

Pertti Tapio

Wind Power Manager

P.O. Box 8 (Veteraanikatu 5)
90101 Oulu

Puh. +358206395302

Sivi Oikarinen

Business Development Specialist

P.O. Box 94 (Ratatie 11)
01301 Vantaa

Puh. +358206394366

Olli-Matti Tervaniemi

Environmental Specialist

P.O. Box 81 (Veteraanikatu 5)
90101 Oulu

Puh. +358206396028