At Metsähallitus, responsibility is managed ethically and on the basis of information and by developing activities and digital services in cooperation with customers and partners.

Responsibility management in Metsähallitus

The Director General is responsible for the management and implementation of responsibility and environmental matters. The Metsähallitus Board of Directors sets common strategic responsibility and environmental targets based on a proposal from the Management Group. The Management Group ensures that those targets are implemented in the respective units.

The Director of Communications oversees implementation of the responsibility programme. The Director of Development handles implementation of the environmental system. These activities are supported by the Group units and business units, in other words, a responsibility group and an environmental group consisting of experts from Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd, Metsähallitus Property Development, National Parks Finland and Wildlife Service Finland. The Legal Affairs unit is responsible for Metsähallitus’ compliance with requirements and provides support with practices related to the Code of Conduct and acting correctly.

The units ensure that Metsähallitus’ responsibility and environmental principles are visible in our operations with customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. Every Metsähallitus employee is responsible for ensuring that the instructions concerning the responsibility programme and the environmental system are implemented in their own work.

Metsähallitus also ensures and develops responsibility for the environment by means of environmental and quality systems (ISO 14001, ISO 9001) and PEFC certification for multiple-use forests. Metsähallitus is a member of the FIBS corporate responsibility network.

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Metsähallitus Code of Conduct

Metsähallitus Code of Conduct contains our key principles for responsible and ethical operation. We are strongly committed to these principles and comply with them in everything we do.

Responsible procurement

Metsähallitus Supplier Code of Conduct requires our service providers, suppliers and contractual procurement partners to
commit to responsible and ethical activities. The commitment also applies to their subcontractors.