Metsähallitus organisation

Metsähallitus' operations are based on responsibility and continuous improvement of activities. The goal of Metsähallitus’ activities is to safeguard biodiversity, create opportunities sustainable business and strengthen the vitality of the regions, promote natural wellbeing services and make a contribution to state revenue. Metsähallitus’ activities also respond to global challenges, such as mitigating climate change and adapting to it.

Organization Chart. The structure of the organization is explained in the body text below.

Metsähallitus is an unincorporated state enterprise, which uses, manages and protects state-owned land and water areas under its responsibility in a sustainable manner and reconciles the expectations and goals that its owner, stakeholders and customers have for these areas.   

Metsähallitus operates in four business units. 

Business is conducted in subsidiaries Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd, MH-Kivi Oy, and Siemen Forelia Oy and in Metsähallitus Property Development, which is part of the Group. As part of its business operations, Metsähallitus is responsible for the sustainable management and use of state-owned forests, forest tree seed production and sales, rental and property development on state-owned land and water areas.   

Public administration services are handled by National Parks Finland and Wildlife Service Finland. Their tasks include nature conservation, hunting and fishing supervision and provision of recreational opportunities. The public administration services are managed separately from the business operations and they are funded from appropriations in the state budget and income from permit sales.

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