Business Units

Metsähallitus’ work is a unique combination of business activities and public administration duties. We work for nature, people and society together and consistently, drawing on the expertise and competence of each business unit.

Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metsähallitus, and it is responsible for the management of the state-owned commercial forests that are PEFC-certified and open to multiple-use. Approximately six million cubic metres of wood is harvested each year for bio-industrial and forestry needs.

The Metsähallitus Property Development unit creates diverse and sustainable opportunities for bioeconomy and business. It handles wind power project development and sales, thus promoting the achievement of Finland’s climate targets.

Parks & Wildlife Finland manages almost all Finnish national parks and strict nature reserves as well as dozens of cultural heritage sites. It provides basic services for hikers so that as many people as possible can enjoy nature. It also provides hunting and fishing opportunities by issuing permits for state-owned lands and waters.

Siemen Forelia Oy is a subsidiary of Metsähallitus which produces and sells forest tree seeds of high genetic quality. It currently manages almost one hundred seed plantations covering a total area of approx. 1,600 hectares.