Metsähallitus Property Development – added value for land and water areas

Metsähallitus Property Development engages in land use planning, sells and leases areas for private and commercial purposes, is involved in wind power project development and sales, leases stone material quarries and sees to Metsähallitus’ land sales and purchases in line with the Government’s real estate strategy.

Metsähallitus Property Development is Metsähallitus’ business unit, which has the task of creating diverse opportunities for bioeconomy and business operations.

We look for suitable sites for wind power operations on state-owned land and develop them further. This way, we promote Finland’s goal of increasing the share of wind power in energy production and achieving a carbon neutral society by 2035

Property Development actively investigates planning needs and promotes land use with a view to creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs. It zones holiday house and other sites for private customers, tourism enterprises and industrial needs, manages outdoor recreation areas, and creates operating preconditions for nature tourism companies.

Metsähallitus Property Development is also responsible for the agency’s land sales and purchases. We also enter into land lease and land use agreements, and give consents to various operations in the state’s territories. The main objective of these deals is to develop the real estate managed by Metsähallitus, ensuring that it is put to a productive and efficient use. Additionally, Property Development acquires land for the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces as well as education and research and the establishment of forest tree seed plantations.

Property Development actively surveys stone material resources on state-owned land. It refines stone materials if necessary, producing ready-to-use aggregates, and sells and leases stone material resources. Property Development also represents the state’s interests in mining questions.

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