Photo: Kimmo Ervola
Photo: Kimmo Ervola

Responsible Business

Metsähallitus develops the use of state-owned land and water areas in a responsible manner, ensuring that they generate maximum benefits for society at large, now and in the future. In our business operations, we work actively and sustainably for the environment, people and society. We are a reliable partner and strive to build a more sustainable future in close interaction with our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

We respond to global challenges by offering innovative and intergenerational solutions

Climate-wise production of renewable raw material

We are part of the bioeconomy and circular economy value chain. In our PEFC-certified multiple-use forests, we simultaneously produce timber, see to the sufficiency of forest resources, safeguard biodiversity, promote the preconditions for recreational use, and address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Clean energy from land and sea

We develop state-owned sites suitable for wind power generation and lease them to industry operators based on a tendering process. Our work promotes the attainment of Finland’s climate targets; as part of our climate programme, the wind power production capacity will be increased many times over by 2030.

Responsible nature tourism

We develop the services of tourism areas on state-owned land generating health and well-being for local residents and tourists and good operating conditions for entrepreneurs. We are committed to sustainable tourism principles and encourage our partners to promote responsible tourism.

Sustainable growth for Finland's fish farming

We respond to the national aquaculture and blue bioeconomy strategies by looking for sea areas suitable for aquaculture, developing cooperation with various stakeholders, and leasing areas suited for fish farming to companies.

We foster the value of nature responsibly - over generations