Metsähallitus project group

Project Manager, Maria Sundman, maria.sundman(at) tel.+358 400 752 43 73

Lauri Karvonen (Planning Manager, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd)
Juha Salmi (Forest Resource Specialist, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd)
Ossi Miettinen (Timber Harvesting Manager, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd)

Hely Juntunen (National Park Superintendent, Parks & Wildlife Finland)
Siiri Tolonen (Land Use Planning, Cultural Heritage Specialist, Parks & Wildlife Finland)
Arja Vasama (Land Use Planning Specialis, Parks & Wildlife Finland)
Jyrki Satta (Game and Fisheries Management Panner in Fishing, Parks & Wildlife Finland)
Aki Kiiskinen (Game and Fisheries Management Panner in Hunting, Parks & Wildlife Finland)

Lea Pirttilä (Sales Advisor, Metsähallitus Property Development)
Jenni Hasa (Mining and Aggregate Resources Specialist, Metsähallitus Property Development)

Laura Kuusisto (Inspirer, Science Centre Pilke, Metsähallitus)

Metsähallitus steering group

Kirsi-Marja Korhonen, chair of the steering group (Regional Director, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd)

Johanna Leinonen (Development Manager, Metsähallitus)
Hannu Lehtonen (Planning Manager, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd)
Jyrki Tolonen (Regional Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland)
Kari Männistö (Sales Manager, Metsähallitus Property Development)
Juha Ahonen (Game and Fisheries Manager, Parks & Wildlife Finland)

Natural resource planning cooperation group

Lappish cooperation group will have 30 members representing associations, educational and research organizations, companies and official bodies.

The group is chaired by Taneli Kolström, Director at Luke – Natural Resources Institute Finland

Workshop facilitation will be done by Tomi Tuomasjukka, counsellor for executives and managers and a certified executive coach, Työ Luotsi Ltd.

Last updated 2 July 2018