Press Releases

Published 3.4.2024

A recent report on Finland’s protected areas: Recommendations for promoting biodiversity and effective management

Published 21.3.2024

The sales channel for Metsähallitus huts to be revamped – Reservations for 2025 open at the beginning of November

Published 20.3.2024

The outdoor etiquette for the Homeland of the Sámi shows how to respect nature and culture

Published 13.3.2024

Rescue department evacuated hikers – Urho Kekkonen National Park campsites struck by outbreak of stomach flu

Published 12.3.2024

Metsähallitus turned a profit of EUR 142 million and increased inputs in biodiversity and other ecosystem benefits by EUR 30 million

Published 5.3.2024

Metsähallitus to arrange a site allocation competition in Kilpisjärvi: the winner of the competition must commit to implementing its plan

Published 29.2.2024

Wilderness supervision report 2023: wilderness crime was on the rise

Published 26.2.2024

Metsähallitus is recruiting dozens of experts to inventory primary and old-growth forests

Published 16.2.2024

Metsähallitus seeks a new director of game and fisheries

Published 7.2.2024

Significant data on the state of nature in Lapland: fell nature suffers despite protection