Press Releases

Published 3.5.2022

Seabed soundings about to start off Korsnäs

Published 11.4.2022

Metsähallitus to continue environmental studies for the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm during the spring

Published 14.3.2022

Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project would bring billions in tax revenue and accelerate the green transition

Published 4.3.2022

Metsähallitus has ceased cooperation with Russia

Published 4.3.2022

A successful year for Metsähallitus – biodiversity investments reached a record level in 2021

Published 17.2.2022

Metsähallitus paid contractors over half a million euros as a bonus for high-quality work

Published 14.2.2022

Salla – a new national park in Finland

Published 9.2.2022

Fisheries management fees: The biggest fishers hail from the east and north

Published 20.12.2021

Finnish Metsähallitus launches partner selection for its 1.3 GW Korsnäs offshore wind power project

Published 19.11.2021

Metsähallitus is launching wind measurements for Korsnäs offshore wind farm