Press Releases

Published 17.3.2020

Avoid hiking in most distant destinations and overnighting in wilderness huts

Published 16.3.2020

Metsähallitus customer service is suspended for now at visitor centers and other customer service points

Published 27.1.2020

The Attractiveness and Economic Impacts of National Parks Continue to Increase – The Additional Funding Received by Metsähallitus’ Parks & Wildlife Finland was Urgently Needed

Published 18.12.2019

Metsähallitus becomes part of the Network for Sustainable Mining

Published 5.12.2019

Network of nature reserves in Barents region gains two new sites in Northwest Russia

Published 28.11.2019

Metsähallitus takes hold of the Baltic Sea Challenge within the whole catchment area

Published 26.11.2019

Cooperating to promote sustainable nature tourism and highlighting the phenomena of Arctic nature

Published 25.11.2019

Drones and GPS can cause hunters to break the law

Published 11.11.2019

The new practices of Metsähallitus help the development of Ruunaa Hiking Area

Published 31.10.2019

The extensive Metsähallitus equality and nondiscrimination plan has been published