Finnish Board on Ecological Restoration FBER

The Finnish working group for ecological restoration and management brings together experts in nature management.

The working group for ecological restoration and management in Finland, known as the The Finnish Board on Ecological Restoration (FBER), is a nationwide cooperation body established by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

Members include actors in the management of Finland’s natural environments and semi-natural grasslands, researchers and other experts.

Its activities cover habitats on land and in freshwaters, in protected areas, in forests and on agricultural land, whether state-owned or in private ownership. In every case, activities in privately owned areas are performed in cooperation with landowners.

The working group’s task is to evaluate, develop and promote the quality of the ecological restoration and management of natural and semi-natural habitats, and their impact on society. The working group has solid scientific expertise and develops practical expertise by preparing guidebooks on the topic in question, and organising training events and seminars.

Steering group and three expert groups

The FBER consists of a steering group and three expert groups, whose activities promote the implementation of tasks defined for the working group.

Guidebooks and other materials jointly produced by the FBER

Guidebooks produced by the FBER, published in Metsähallitus’ series of publications, are available free of charge in electronic format (see the web pages of expert groups).

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