Metsähallitus plays a key role in Finland’s transition to a carbon-neutral society

Metsähallitus plays an important role in attaining Finland’s climate targets. Our climate programme promotes the transition to a carbon-neutral society by 2035 through increasing carbon sinks, carbon storage and clean energy production as well as by cutting our emissions.

We respond to the challenge of climate change mitigation and adaptation

We will increase the carbon sink in state-owned multi-purpose forests by 10% by 2035

Our key methods for securing and enhancing the carbon sinks include good management of forests and the network of protected areas, carefully considered restoration, and further development of planning.

We build up wind power capacity on state land

Wind power capacity built on state-owned land as well as energy wood and residues from roundwood delivered to customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel based energy production.

We reduce our carbon footprint

We will reduce our carbon footprint by introducing an energy efficiency system, phasing out oil use for heating our premises, and improving our procurements, logistics and operations.

We mitigate the negative effects of climate change on biodiversity

We will significantly increase active ecological management and restoration of deteriorated habitats both in protected areas and multi-purpose forests.

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Metsähallitus’ Climate Programme

The state-own lands and our activities in these areas add up to a climate-wise, actively managed whole which responds to the twin challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation.