Ylä-Rauvanlampi in Kemijärvi. Photo: Lea Pirttilä / Metsähallitus

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Planning sustainable use

In natural resource planning, strategic plans are prepared for state-owned land and water areas, with the aim of ensuring their sustainable long-term use. The planning is carried out in cooperation with stakeholder groups.

Area covered by the plan

More than half of the planning land and water areas of Lapland (excluding the Sami homeland*) is under the administration of Metsähallitus. The planning area comprises the state-owned land and water areas in these regions.

Lapland natural resource planning area on the map

The planning area is Lapland excluding the Sami homeland*. More than half of the land and water areas of Lapland is under the administration of Metsähallitus. These areas are used for various purposes, such as nature conservation, forestry, recreation, eco-tourism, real estate development and the sale of soil resources. By reconciling their requirements, it is possible to achieve the maximum benefit for Finnish society.

* Sami homeland consist of the three northernmost municipalities of the country Utsjoki, Inari and Enontekiö and the area of the Lapland Reindeer Herding Association in the municipality of Sodankylä.Map of the planning area

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Previous plans

The previous planning round took place ten years ago and in that process guidelines for the use of state-owned land in Eastern and Western Lapland were laid out for the period 2006-2015. An interim revision of the plan was carried out in 2010.

Last updated 21 August 2023