Environmental Guidelines in Finnish State Forests

Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise founded in 1859. It is responsible for managing state-owned land and water areas, including Finland’s extensive network of national parks and wilderness areas. These protected areas contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and nature tourism.

Metsähallitus’ subsidiary, Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd, carries out sustainable forestry activities in state-owned forests. It collaborates with various stakeholders, including forest industry companies, local communities, and environmental organizations, to ensure that forestry activities are conducted responsibly while maintaining ecological balance, and preserving biodiversity.

Forestry Ltd’s Environmental Guide

One of the strategic goals of Metsähallitus is to halt the decline in biodiversity on state-owned lands. Conservation efforts are one way of preserving forest biodiversity on state-owned land but the key issue lies in the sustainable management of multiple-use forests. The objective of the Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd’s Environmental Guide is to ensure the multifaceted and ecologically sustainable management of state-owned multiple-use forests, as well as the continuous provision of ecosystem services, in an ever-changing operating environment.

The Environmental Guide can be found in its entirety in Finnish on Metsähallitus webpage. Below you will find a summary of the Guide in English: