Our strategy and the responsibility program support each other

At Metsähallitus, responsibility promotes operations in accordance with the strategy and supports achievement of the strategic objectives.

A man is climbing a slope with a misty hill landscape in the background.
Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

Metsähallitus is a unique group of activities, run by an organisation that uses and manages one third of Finland’s land and water areas. 

Metsähallitus takes an ecosystem and bioeconomy based approach to promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, to nature conservation and to providing wellbeing for present and future generations.  Reconciliation of ecological, financial, social and cultural sustainability lies at the core of Metsähallitus’ duties. 

The current strategy will guide Metsähallitus’ operations until 2020. The strategy work for the 2020–2024 period began in early 2020. 

In accordance with our strategy, we commit to the following:  

  • We guarantee the optimum sustainable return on state-owned land and water areas over generations, enhancing wellbeing and regional vitality.   
  • As a pioneer in broad-based bio and circular economy, we work to reconcile the expectations on state-owned land and water areas in a responsible and interactive manner.   
  • We respond to global challenges by offering innovative and sustainable solutions. We safeguard biodiversity and act in a climate-wise manner.   
  • We offer services to everybody on a non-discriminatory basis. We develop our operations on the basis of customer-orientation, accessibility of digital services and partnerships.   
  • We operate in a uniform and efficient manner, supported by knowledgebased and ethical management practices as well as a diverse work community.  

A forerunner in responsibility 

We have an ambitious responsibility programme that is strongly linked with our values, supports our strategy and co-ordinates our responsibility work. 

Responsibility supports the achievement of strategic goals and promotes value creation and risk management in line with the strategy. 

We are committed to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  

Responsibility is integrated with all processes, such as procurement, development and risk management. The code of Conduct is our cornerstone for responsible management: it specifies the key principles of our responsible and ethical operations that guide us in every aspect of our operations. Responsibility work is measured, reported transparently and communicated openly.  

Our responsibility work is based on materiality analysis where we have identified the most important and essential themes concerning responsibility. Stakeholder surveys, expertise of the corporate social responsibility group and the views of the management were all used in the work. . 

A graphic indicating how Metsähallitus’ responsibility themes (23 themes listed in the caption) are situated on the axes Importance from the perspective of stakeholders and Importance of the impact generated by Metsähallitus. The responsibility themes are rather consistently spread in the middle.
1  Reconciliation of the needs concerning state-owned land and water areas and participatory planning.
2  Ensuring optimum sustainable return on state-owned land and water areas across generations. 
3  Safeguarding biodiversity.
4  Improving eco-efficiency.
5  Mitigating climate change and preparing for it.
6  Promoting nature tourism and recreational use.
7  Promoting the good status and sustainable use of state-owned sea and inland water areas.
8  Promoting sustainable forestry.
9  Ensuring the wellbeing of the personnel.
10  Viable game and fish stocks and managing them.
11  Preserving cultural heritage sites and intangible culture heritage in state-owned land and water areas.
12  Maintaining up-to-date and reliable data on resources and their use as well as maintaining Arctic expertise.
13  Safeguarding the prerequisites for reindeer husbandry in the reindeer herding area.
14  Strengthening vitality of the regions and promoting employment opportunities.
15   Promoting partnerships and cooperation with stakeholders.
16   Respecting human and labour rights in all activities.
17   Acceptability of the sustainable use of wood and other natural resources.
18   Safeguarding the prerequisites for the Sámi culture.
19   Providing opportunities for sustainable hunting and fishing.
20   Increasing the health and wellbeing impacts derived from nature. 
21   Safeguarding and observing ethical principles.
22   Transparency and open communications.
23   Promoting the generation of wind and other clean energy.

More information

Metsähallitus Responsibility Programme supports our strategy, encourages us to be more ambitious, and makes it possible to measure the results of our work.

The Annual Report describes the core areas and milestones of our work following an annual cycle.