The main objective of the project was to promote the health and well-being of children and young people by increasing their levels of green exercise.

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  1. Reforming the Häme Nature Centre into the first children and young people’s outdoor activity centre designed to attract children and young people into nature.
  2. Developing new, internationally attractive modes of operation for promoting outdoor activities among children and young people, and assessment methods for well-being effects.
  3. Increasing the accessibility and knowledge of the service provision related to green exercise in the Forssa region municipalities both in Finland and abroad with the needs of nature tourism and health promotion.
  4. Closer cross-sectoral collaboration in the promotion of nature-based well-being (nature, health, tourism, education, training, physical exercise) particularly by supporting the internationalisation opportunities of SMEs.
  5. Increasing the knowledge related to the health and well-being benefits of nature and using it when developing services.
  6. Developing communications and marketing material and digital services that inspire children and young people to green exercise activities.

Key measures

Developing modes of operation for promoting outdoor activities among children and young people by

  • workshops
  • pilot groups
  • developing assessment methods for well-being effects of outdoor activities.
  • reforming the operation model of the Häme Nature Centre on the basis of experience and assessment data gathered from pilots.

Product development based on the well-being effects of nature, and the development of the marketing of Forssa region’s nature tourism services with cooperation partners:

  • training, workshops, detailed development
  • collecting the entity of the region’s natural sites and nature services into an easier-to-access whole in various channels.

Multichannel communications

  • Producing pictorial, video, brochure and training materials that attract children and young people with their families/teachers/coaches/instructors to nature.
  • Training, seminars.
  • Producing material to digital marketing channels.

Last updated 29 April 2020