Julma Ölkky in Finland

Apply Skills and Conserve our Environment with New Tools

ASCENT is a three-year project, in which good practices of visitor management are shared between project partners. Growing use and lack of proper visitor management have resulted in degradation, littering and adverse habitat impacts at the project sites. This is why there is a desire to invest in management planning, visitor surveys and the implementation of new, sustainable path building methods.

The project includes partners from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

ASCENT ended on August 31st 2019. All goals were achieved, but on top of them, an important achievement was the creation of new contacts, something on which the whole partnership agreed. Working together generated non-replaceable added value. Project partners visited each other’s sites, tried and learned new methods in path building, discussed solutions to challenges and got inspired to try new techniques on their sites.

Contact information

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
Project Manager Anu Hjelt
Tel. +358 (0)40 596 1876

Project Facebook pages @AscentProjectNPA


Last updated 28 April 2020