The practical plan for the inventory work is currently being prepared. It will be further defined, particularly after the inventory criteria and guidelines for their application have been confirmed. The work has been prepared as much as possible in advance so that the work can be started immediately at the beginning of the 2024 field season.

  • The inventory required by the criteria is carried out as field work during two field seasons (2024–2025). In addition to Metsähallitus’ own experts participating in the project, approximately 50 external experts will be recruited for the inventory.
  • In addition to Metsähallitus’s own information sources, information provided by various stakeholders and voluntary ecological surveyors will be used in the identification of inventory sites. We will use the map information of which we get the coordinates.
  • The inventory work is based on measuring and evaluating the different structural features of forests. Key criteria will include the age of trees and the amount of decaying wood.
  • The results will be published after the inventory has been completed. The work is being assessed by an external party. 
  • Based on the results of the inventories, the Metsähallitus Board of Directors submits a proposal to the Government on areas that are to be strictly protected under the Nature Conservation Act (and their transfer to property used for nature conservation purposes, not subject to a profit requirement).
  • Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd. will cover the costs of the inventory.
  • The inventories also provide valuable data to supplement the spatial data of state-owned forests, which is used in forest management and use planning.

Last updated 9 April 2024