Press Releases

Published 20.3.2018

Metsähallitus will not lease out land at Sulaoja for a water bottling plant

Published 12.3.2018

Off-road permits for state-owned lands can now be applied for electronically

Published 7.3.2018

Successful year at Metsähallitus

Published 21.2.2018

Gene reserve forest managed by thinning at Lapinjärvi

Published 9.2.2018

Metsähallitus is looking for investments in the developing Ruka resort

Published 9.2.2018

Sami culture has special role in Metsähallitus activities

Published 15.1.2018

Two new nature conservation areas to Russia near the Finnish border

Published 12.1.2018

Towards a more sustainable future – Metsähallitus has launched an extensive corporate responsibility programme