Published 18.1.2021

New Director of Parks & Wildlife Finland Henrik Jansson: Safeguarding biodiversity creates well-being for society as a whole

Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise managing one third of Finland´s area. Parks & Wildlife Finland is a unit of Metsähallitus, in charge of public administration services such as nature and cultural heritage protection. It also provides free facilities for hikers and manages hunting grounds and fishing waters.

The Government has appointed Henrik Jansson (M.A.) as Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland. Jansson has worked at Metsähallitus for 12 years, serving as Regional Manager of the Coastal and Metropolitan Area for the past three years. He highlights the importance of Parks & Wildlife Finland’s work and objectives – not only for nature but also for society as a whole.

– Our core task is to safeguard biodiversity, emphasises the new director. Parks & Wildlife Finland manages Finland’s network of protected areas and improves the state of biodiversity, for example, through nature management and restoration. Henrik Jansson also wants to remind people of the wider benefits of this work for society.

Henrik Jansson. Photo by Jari Kostet.

– Parks & Wildlife Finland is a good example of how safeguarding biodiversity benefits society extensively and across generations. Tourism based on national parks and other nature sites throughout the country creates jobs and strengthens the regional economy in different parts of Finland. Public health improves when people are active in nature. Finland’s brand as a country becomes stronger around the world. All of this is based on preserving natural values, lists Henrik Jansson.

The work of Parks & Wildlife Finland also has a strong international dimension

–Our work in protected areas implements Finland’s obligations regarding biodiversity in the EU and globally. The national network of protected areas that we manage is part of the EU’s Natura network and the entire global network of protected areas. Finland’s way of managing the national park network as a whole, providing services for hikers and benefiting nature tourism is world-class. The credit for this goes to my predecessor and the outstanding staff at Parks & Wildlife Finland, explains Henrik Jansson.

– National parks are a strong brand, and they have become significant factors in terms of attracting tourists. The historical sites we manage have the potential to function as similar attractions. We also want to work with our partners to develop tourism at historical sites, says Henrik Jansson.

In his free time, this 46-year-old father of three children enjoys spending time boating and fishing in the southwest archipelago. In addition to family, his life is filled with physical activity, friends and reading.

Henrik Jansson is looking forward to productive cooperation with the ministries that steer Parks & Wildlife Finland. The Director of Parks & Wildlife Finland also plays an important role in management and strategy implementation at Metsähallitus as a whole.

– I look forward to cooperating with Henrik: we’ll be working together to implement the new strategy and further the renewed Metsähallitus brand, says Juha S. Niemelä, Director General of Metsähallitus.

Henrik Jansson will take over as Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland on 1 February 2021. The current director Timo Tanninen resigned at his own initiative six months before the end of his term. He will continue to work for Metsähallitus as a Senior Advisor.

Further information:

Henrik Jansson, Director, Parks & Wildlife Finland (effective 1 February 2021), + 358 400 328 759.