Published 31.5.2023

Närpiö approved the zoning initiative for an offshore wind farm

Närpiö municipality, on the west coast of Finland, has approved the zoning initiative for an offshore wind farm submitted by Metsähallitus. The offshore wind farm is planned in the state-owned open sea area, which administratively belongs to the town of Närpiö. Metsähallitus has submitted zoning initiatives for a total of five projects to local municipalities. The municipalities of Siikajoki, Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Hailuoto have already approved the initiatives.

The open sea area off Närpiö has been reserved for offshore wind generation in the Maritime Spatial Plan and in the Regional Land Use Plan 2050 of Ostrobothnia.

“This very large investment is important for Finland’s national energy and climate goals as well as for the development of our regional economy. At the same time, it will affect the local environment. The City Board decided unanimously that zoning can be started, together with a thorough assessment of how the area in question is suitable for the planned purpose. The City Board decision will come into effect in a couple of weeks, after the City Council has decided on noise limits to be applied to wind power in Närpiö,” says Mikaela Björklund, Mayor of Närpiö.

In Finland, municipalities have the exclusive right to decide on the zoning and construction of offshore wind farms located in their areas. This also applies to state-owned areas. Metsähallitus is responsible for the development of state-owned areas, the pre-development and the sale of the offshore wind project rights on Finnish territorial waters.

The offshore wind farm does not restrict the use of the sea area for boating, fishing or recreation. During the construction of the power plants, the use of area will be restricted for safety reasons. The area leased for the offshore wind power generation will remain state property.

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