Published 17.12.2018

Metsähallitus to promote equality and non-discrimination

As part of its responsibility programme, Metsähallitus launched the reform of its equality and non-discrimination plan. The reform will be completed by summer 2019. The plan is being drafted by a working group made up of employees selected for the task.

The objective is to promote equality and eliminate discrimination

Metsähallitus employs a staff of around 1,200 experts from a variety of fields. Metsähallitus also has an extensive number of customers, stakeholders and partners. Many of the services Metsähallitus provides are intended for citizens. With this plan, Metsähallitus wants to ensure that its activities are not discriminatory and do not support inequality.

The plan will be used to assess the current situation, in other words, how equality and non-discrimination are realised at Metsähallitus from the perspective of its official and employer activities. The plan specifies how Metsähallitus will from this point forward identify, intervene in and prevent discrimination and promote equal treatment and gender equality.

The plan is part of the responsibility programme and supports, in particular, points that are important with regard to responsibility, such as ensuring the welfare of staff, promoting partnerships and cooperation with stakeholders, respecting human and labour rights as well as guaranteeing that conditions are such that the Sámi people can practice their culture.

The working group drafting the reform is very motivated

The plan is being drafted by a working group appointed by the Metsähallitus Management Group. The Metsähallitus responsibility group will steer the work.

The working group was appointed in a way that took into account comprehensive representation from various fields, as well as different age and gender groups. The working group will be headed by Communication Manager Tuulikki Halla, who is also head of the responsibility group and Employment Relations Manager Riikka Tella, who is a member of the responsibility group.

The working group will outline methods for assessing the current situation and will draft the plan on the basis of these. The input of external experts from various fields will be utilised in the reform.

Metsähallitus’ new Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan 2019–2021 will be completed in early summer 2019.

Further information:

Communication Manager Tuulikki Halla, Metsähallitus, tel. +358 40 595 8943, tuulikki.halla(at)
Employment Relations Manager Riikka Tella, Metsähallitus, tel. +358 40 747 6863, riikka.tella(at)