Published 11.4.2022

Metsähallitus to continue environmental studies for the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm during the spring

Metsähallitus will continue its environmental studies related to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm on land and at sea immediately after the ice has melted. Wind measurements on the island of Bergö in Maalahti will also be continued.

Wind measurements are used to collect information on wind conditions in the area for planning the use of the planned Offshore Wind Farm. The measurements were made using a SODAR, whose measurement technology is based on the propagation of sound waves in the air. However, the SODAR will be moved out in April, as the beeping noise it emits disturbs the surrounding area over the open winter terrain.

Mast raising video showcases unique landscapes

In order to take wind measurements, Metsähallitus raised a 174.5 metre tall mast on Bergö. A crane and helicopter were used to raise the mast.

A video of the mast raising shows the co-operation between special fitters and helicopters on an exceptionally high worksite. The video also shows local landscapes from a unique perspective. The video can be viewed at our websites.

Wide range of environmental studies to begin after the ice melts

In April, after the ice has melted, Metsähallitus will start sounding the seabed. The seabed topography is being examined to determine the location of the offshore wind farm power transmission cable and the suitability of the seabed for construction.

Fisheries surveys will continue into April and May. In May, bird migration routes and molting areas will be mapped. In addition, the numbers and species of birds resting in the planned Offshore Wind Farm area and coastal areas will be counted during the spring migration. In the summer, vegetation and biotope surveys will be carried out at sea and on land.


Heidi Vest, Project Expert, Metsähallitus, Korsnäs office, tel. +358 (0)40 167 6862


Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm project

In order to increase fossil-free energy production, Metsähallitus is developing an extensive offshore wind farm off the Korsnäs coast. Once completed, the wind farm would produce an estimated 5,000 GWh of energy per year, which is equal to about half of Finland’s wind power production at the end of 2021.

Metsähallitus is also looking for a partner to build 70-100 offshore wind turbines and operate the farm as an energy supplier. The nominal capacity of the entire farm is approximately 1300 MW. A single offshore wind turbine would have a capacity of 12-20 MW.

Upon completion, the Korsnäs Offshore Wind Farm would significantly increase Finland’s renewable energy supply. This is also the objective of the Metsähallitus Climate Programme and is one of its tasks as the administrator of state-owned land and water areas.

Metsähallitus opened a new office in Korsnäs in mid-March. Project Expert Heidi Vest can be reached at the Korsnäs office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Metsähallitus will provide more information on nature surveys as they begin.