Published 4.3.2022

Metsähallitus has ceased cooperation with Russia

Metsähallitus strongly condemns the Russian attack in Ukraine; we support Ukraine and the Ukrainians.

Metsähallitus has suspended all cooperation with Russia for the time being in accordance with the guidelines on central government received through the ministries it operates under. In practice, all contact with Russian partners has been cut off, and the lockdown applies to both project-related cooperation and all other types of cooperation.

Metsähallitus has also decided that we will not buy larch for duckboards and hiking site construction from sawmills unless domestic sawmills can confirm that the country of origin of the wood is not Russia.

Further information:
Metsähallitus, Terhi Koipijärvi
Director, Communications, Strategy and Responsibility
tel. +358 50 598 9958