Published 31.1.2023

Metsähallitus grants snowmobile safari companies a 20% discount on safari-specific off-road permits for the current winter season

The aim of the discount is to support safari companies providing snowmobile safari services. Companies will receive a discount on safari-specific off-road permits issued between 1 October 2022 and 31 May 2023.

– Fuel costs have increased. The prices of off-road licences also changed for many companies when we simplified and harmonised the off-road permits of safari companies for this season. The purpose of the discount is to help entrepreneurs over the winter so that they can amend their own customer pricing to match the costs of off-road permits for the coming winter season, says Elina Stolt, Regional Land Use Manager at Metsähallitus, National Parks Finland.

The discount is automatically granted in connection with invoicing, and safari companies do not need to contact Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus’s goal is to find solutions for developing and supporting safari entrepreneurs’ off-road activities together with the tourism sector also in the coming seasons.

If safari entrepreneurs need advice on permit matters in general, they can contact Metsähallitus’s regional contact person.

General instructions for applying for off-road permits for safari entrepreneurs can be found at Erä .

Previous news on the subject (in Finnish): Metsahallitus sujuvoittaa moottorikelkkasafareita harjoittavien yritysten maastoliikenneluvitusta (7 November 2022).